As a premier distributor of corrugated packaging, our focus is not to simply sell boxes.

We provide exceptional services that add value and cater to an organization’s unique supply chain demands.

Our supply programs are designed to maximize the value of the corrugate we sell. We offer full or partial vendor managed inventory (VMI) services that are designed to eliminate supply disruptions and control carrying costs. We can order and release your inventory, maintain a minimum balance, or simply hold a little safety stock. Our programs are fully customizable and include just in time ( JIT ) delivery. Whatever your corrugated supply needs, we can accommodate them.

We enjoy partnerships with corrugated manufacturers in both Canada and the USA. Unlike single source suppliers, we’re able to assign production where costs are optimized based on type, size, volume and board grade. This allows us to provide the best possible value for our customers. All of the products we supply are made by top producers and conform to stringent specifications to ensure performance and reliability.

UGPD understands that each of our customers have unique requirements. As a distributor we have greater flexibility to suit your needs. Can’t pay for tooling? We'll amortize the cost to reduce the financial burden. Unable to take all the inventory? We provide warehousing at reasonable costs and delivered just in time when you need it. Need purchasing to focus on the bigger picture? Send us your forecast and we'll manage your inventory to ensure you never run out when you need boxes.

UGPD provides all the benefits of a large manufacturer with the flexibility, personalized service and value added benefits of a distributor.

UGPD’s boxes are fully customizable to advertise your brand while providing optimum protection for your products. Whether flexographic, lithography, rotogravure, or digital, our team will select the right printing process to make your packaging look its best while suiting time, volume and budgetary needs.

Corrugated 101

Corrugated Fiberboard is made of two components, the linerboard and the medium. Linerboard is the flat material that’s glued to the medium. The medium is the fluted, wavy material in between the linerboard.

There are many different combinations, sizes and thicknesses that determine a box’s grade. The most common sizes from largest to smallest are A, C, B, E and F flute.

Typically, larger flute sizes provide the best vertical compression strength while smaller flute sizes provider higher quality graphics. Different corrugated boards can also be combined to create multi-walled corrugated packaging with enhanced strength.

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

RSC’s are the most common type of corrugated box. Its design is simple, cost effective and reliable for a wide range of packaging demands. These boxes are easy to erect by hand and also work well with automated machinery. With very little waste during the manufacturing process, RSC’s are some of the lowest cost boxes in the marketplace.

Half Slotted Cartons (HSC)

Half Slotted Cartons are the same as an RSC but feature an open top without flaps. HSC’s can be used on its own, with a telescope (half box), or a slightly larger HSC as a cover. This provides double the protection on the sides and allows for height adjustment when used with different products.

Partial and Full Overlap Slotted Containers (OSC and FOL)

OSC’s and FOL’s have flaps that overlap by 2.54cm (1 inch) or more. This style is often used when the length of the box is much greater than the width, resulting in a long gap between the inner flaps. Full overlap containers are especially resilient to rough handling, adds extra cushioning, and provides additional stacking strength when used on its side.

Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC):

CSSC’s feature inner and outer flaps that meet in the center of the box. This style offers a flat inner surface and is especially strong because the top and bottom have double the thickness. Without an inner gap, this box also helps to prevent small items from slipping out.

1-2-3 and Auto-Bottom:

1-2- 3 and auto-bottom boxes are used in applications requiring quick hand assembly. No tape is needed to secure the bottom allowing for formation in seconds. Easy to break down and store, these boxes are well suited for reuse.

Die-cut Trays and Telescope Boxes:

Trays and Telescope boxes are used for products that have small depths relative to their lengths and widths. When used solely as a bottom, trays can be filled with products (such as coffee cans) and are easily shrink wrapped. Telescope boxes feature two pieces where the slightly larger top slides over the bottom, sealing its contents inside.

Pads and Slip Sheets:

Corrugated pads and slip sheets are single or multi-walled pieces of corrugated that have been cut to a specific size. They are often used on the bottom of pallets, inside a box or in between layers. They help provide additional support and stability, particularly with very heavy or light products. They also help prevent objects from slipping through pallet gaps while protecting from nails and debris.


Partitions are pieces of interlocking corrugated board that help separate and stabilize products inside a box.

Tote’s (Gaylord)

Totes are used to house large and heavy items or products in bulk. Typically, they are multi-walled to provide maximum stacking strength and protection. Totes can remain open at the top, feature fold over flaps or use a separate lid to contain the products inside.