Labelling, Shrink Wrapping, Coding

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Labelling can provide many different packaging functions for a product. Labels can be used to add graphics, bar codes, promotional messages, and safety seals in a very economical way.

UGPD uses a variety of methods to efficiently apply labels to any product or package. Our pressure sensitive applicator delivers precise front and back labelling to a range of shapes including cylinders. Our air powered labeler delivers high speed label application without disturbing the product. Automated label dispensers are also used for quick and easy hand label applications.

Need a label removed? No problem. We provide efficient and cost-effective label rework services that gets products ready for retail in no time.



Coding is essential in today’s packaging. Use-by dates, lot numbers, production codes and serial numbers  provide critical information to ensure products are traceable for inventory and quality assurance purposes.  Our high-speed ink-jet machines are used in line to efficiently add code during the packaging process.  Using thermal transfer technology we can print linear, 2D and composite barcode’s as well as high quality custom graphics up to 609 dpi resolution. Include your company logo or promote a new feature without worrying about tooling expenses or minimums!

Have a coding error? Let us rework it. We provide inkjet correction services with full removal and reapplication of codes.

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Shrink wrapping is an excellent option when you want to combine items, add protection, and showcase products in a single unit. Film is applied around the product and heat “shrinks” the film to conform to its shape.

Graphics and inserts can also be added to give products a new look. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective unit that is ready for distribution.