Rework: Well Dressed & Out The Door

Packaged Right, And On Time

Sometimes The Unexpected Happens

During manufacturing and throughout the supply chain, products can be packaged incorrectly, are damaged, or fall victim to various human errors.

Other times, finished goods need to be updated with new graphics, information or packaging.
Reworking product can be a costly and time consuming project that take valuable resources away from regular production.

If quality is the concern,
UGPD can help.

As re-packaging experts, we perform all types of re-work services to suit any time and budgetary requirements. We run rework jobs the same way we handle our other production; by maximizing efficiencies, while following rigorous ISO procedures.

We perform thorough quality inspections to isolate and remove non-conforming materials. From colour and contamination, to misprints and defects, trust UGPD to get your products back to specification.

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We Serve The Following Industries:

 Health and Medical Products

 General Merchandise


 Sports & Toy Products

 Retail Store Displays

 Business Promotional Materials